Certified Art Giclee
De kunst van kwaliteit

Giclée Printers Europe Association
European standard
The European standard for high quality giclées: the Certified Art Giclée™ hallmark from the association Stichting Giclée Printers Europe has been created after the example of the American standard ‘Tru Giclee’ and the Giclee Printers Association’. Certified Art Giclée™ is a high quality hallmark for limited edition giclée art prints created by Giclée Master printers, who are members of the GPE foundation (Giclée Printers Europe). The giclée market is booming, but the diversity in quality calls for a standard quality hallmark. The Certified Art Giclée™ hallmark is thé European standard for original limited edition giclée art prints, which makes it possible to recognise quality. Now you will be able to distinguish between original, high quality and precious Giclées and prints of an inferior, usually disappointing quality, which are being sold as Giclées. Now, quality can be recognised. This hallmark allows professionals to dissociate themselves from amateurs, but moreover, the Certified Art Giclée™ logo guarantees consumers, artists and galleries that it concerns a high quality Giclée.

Best quality
All members of the association GPE meet the requirements that apply to the creation of a Certified Art Giclée™. The giclées these craftsmen create are therefore of the highest quality in the market. Each master printer makes use of the most advanced techniques, highest quality materials and best suitable ink. The result, a combination of all these factors together with the craftsmanship of the master printer, who has knowledge of the finest details of the process of giclée printing, is astonishing. All members are tested on their craftsmanship, knowledge, service grade, tenability, quality, colour reproduction etc.  Only the best master printers in Europe can become a member of the association Giclée Printers Europe. Because of the close contacts with the American association GPA and the US market, the GPE is always well informed about the latest developments.


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